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The purpose of the Alpha Phi Delta Foundation is threefold:

  • To preserve, manage and grow the assets of the Foundation.
  • To sponsor educational, cultural and philanthropic activities of the Fraternity.
  • To encourage and support scholastic achievement.


The General Division accomplishes a number of functions.
  • Provide grants for educational, cultural and philanthropic activities.
  • Conduct alumni fund raising activities.
  • Sponsor the National Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity.
  • Sponsor the Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity Leadership Conference Series.
  • Handles the administrative affairs of the Alpha Phi Delta Foundation.
The Scholarship Division
  • Annually, the scholarship Division awards financial gifts to deserving student. This is the most visible division within the Foundation. The annual presentation of the awards is the highlight of the Summer Convention. The high level of activity in the Scholarship Division reflects the commitment of both the Fraternity and the Foundation to scholastic excellence.


The following endowments exist to support the National Fraternity:
  • The General Fund
  • The Kleos Fund
  • The Scholarship Fund
  • The Leadership Conference Fund

Download the 2010-11 Alpha Phi Delta Foundation Annual Report and particapte in the Centennial Capital Campaign to endow our Leadership, Publications and Scholarship programs

  • Download 2012-2013 Annual Report (may take a minute or two)

  • Participate in the Capital Campaign

  • Recent Events

    Scottsdale, AZ Alumni Luncheon hosted by Tony Scalise, Beta Rho '62, April 20, 2011

    Beta Mu (Depaul University) Reactivation, February 26, 2011

    Naples Florida APD Emeritus Reunion, February 17, 2011

    Celebrating 100 Years of Brotherhood

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