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Preparing Our Leaders
For Our Second One Hundred Years

Perhaps no other college experience prepares one for future leadership better that the fraternity experience. There are few more challenging positions than that of a chapter officer. Successfully organizing and directing a group of twenty year old peers is the ultimate in leadership. Alpha Phi Delta hosts more than two dozen leadership conferences for chapter members and officers each year. We need to do more of these and do them more often. We need YOU to help permanently endow them through your contributions.

Scences from the NY Alumni Club Leadership Workshop. Jan. 2012

Leadership Giving Opportunities

Chapter Officers Retreat       $250,000

The best way to ensure our continued success is to train our young brothers to successfully run their chapters. The challenge is immense. Manage a group of peers. Continually recruit new members. Balance budgets. Become good citizens of their college and their communities. Serve. Lead. Completely repopulate the chapter every three years. We envision a several day retreat for our young leaders taught by alumni with demonstrated training and leadership skills. We need one alumnus or alumni club to step forward with a $250,000 named endowment.

Substance Abuse Education       $250,000

Our undergrated years are a time of discovery. We want our brothers to live and learn. We have a responsibility to help them through that process. Unfortunately, alcohol and drugs are a serious problem on our college campuses. We need to help our brothers navigate the personal and chapter level issues this creates. Our plan is to subscribe to the best substance abuse educational courses available and make them a required program each year for each chapter. We need one alumnus or alumni club to step forward with a $250,000 named endowment.

Career Networking Center       $100,000

Helping our brothers jumpstart their careers pays a lifetime of dividends. We would like to institute a national program to prepare them for successful careers in all walks of life. This program will include 1) career planning workshops for our undergraduates, 2) a jobs bank for new graduates and 3) online networking tools for mid-career brothers. We need one alumnus to step forward with a $100,000 named endowment.

Multi-Media Chapter Tools       $50,000

The young men in our chapters are getting an education within and education. Along with their college courses, they are learing how to run a membership recruitement program, manage a chapter treasury, organize community service projects, plan social events and much, much more. We plan to produce and continually update online presentations an web videos so that each new chapter brother can climb the skills ladder only avialable through Alpha Phi Delta membership. We need one alumnus to step forward with a $100,000 named endowment.

Regional Leadership Workshops       $5,000 / each

National conducts over two dozen regaional Leadership Workshops each year. These single day events are designed for brothers of two or more chapters within a short drive of each other. Local alumni and national officers combine leadership training with interactive group sessions, all designed to help our young brothers better manage their chapters. We would like to expand this program to forty events per year. We need forty alumni to step forward, each with a $5,000 named endowment for a regional workshop.

Scences from the A. Joseph Creston Leadership Workshop. Jan. 2012


Celebrating 100 Years of Brotherhood

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